The IVV (Internationaler Volkssportverband) is recognized as an international sports organization promoting healthy lifestyles and peaceful relationships around the world.


The IVV is a non-profit organization run by volunteers that promotes its program of healthy physical and enjoyable social activities in the field of grassroots sport internationally. Its activities are inclusive, integrative, stress-free, non-competitive, non-motorized and environmentally friendly.


In Europe, due to the local geography, climate and culture, the main permitted sports are hiking.


The International People's Sports Association IVV is divided into 3 continental associations, IVV-Asia, IVV-Americas and IVV-Europe. The members are mainly national popular sports associations (mainly in Europe, but also in the USA, Canada or Japan.) In addition, individual clubs worldwide are members if there is no national popular sports association (e.g. in Indonesia, Brazil and Australia.)

IVV- Europe currently has 14 member countries. The number of members amounts to a little over 2,000 clubs.


The IVV-Europe Presidium consists of 5 people who come from 4 countries: Luxembourg - France - Switzerland/Liechtenstein and Austria.


The members of IVV-Europe offer thousands of hikes every year, be it national/international hiking days, guided hikes, permanent hiking trails, hiking weeks, hiking holidays, etc. The annual number of participants is also in the thousands, of all ages, cultures, religions and nationalities. Inclusion is actually practiced within the IVV.


We as IVV-Europe work closely with the International People's Sports Association IVV, coordinate work, analyzes and projects, coordinate and, if necessary, bring together what belongs together.


As IVV-Europe we see our role as communicator and initiator of best practice methods. By collecting and imparting information, knowledge and experience, we want to create added value - we want to combine innovation and continuity. It is important to adapt to the needs of modern times and still ensure the continuation of the current processes.


To be a motivator, an encourager, a driving force to bring hiking to people in Europe, to get fit through hiking, to feel good - both mentally and physically, is our incentive!