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IVV-Europa is pleased to announce that, after constructive and friendly and enriching discussions, a partnership agreement has been signed with the European Hiking Association EWF (ERA: European Ramblers Association, FERP: Fédération Européenne de la Randonnéee Pédestre), an umbrella organization of 65 clubs 30 European countries, with over 3 million members, could be signed. 


Find out more under the new section “Europe’s long-distance hiking trails” on the left or directly here

Use the new icons for your event now:

Everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty and benefits of IVV hiking, regardless of age or physical limitations. By using pictograms to mark hiking trails for people with reduced mobility, for seniors as well as for children, we create a more inclusive environment. People with different physical abilities can thus experience nature and relax. The pictograms designed by IVV-EUROPE are intended to indicate a user-friendly trail.

Our pictograms, which can complement invitations to hikes, hiking days, etc., are visual symbols that are easy to understand. They are not only functional, but also emphasise the uniqueness of the hiking trail itself and show respect for the hiker.

We hope that you will support our initiative and invite you to join in.







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IVV-Europe is pleased to introduce a new partner:


The association: ASSOCIATION MOMENTS DE VIE, based in Fontainebleau, France.


The association's aim is to create projects in the field of sporting, cultural or humanitarian non-professional activities, in France or abroad, in order to make it possible to get to know a country, a people, a culture through exchanges based on mutual aid and solidarity.

One of these projects is the offer of hikes in the Moroccan desert. 


The new partner will also be a member of the French National Sports Federation (FFSP).


The coordinates of the partner are :

Anne-Perrine Balestier, 25 rue royale, 77300 Fontainebleau

demeurelesaiglons@orange.fr / www.associationmomentsdevie.fr

The partner's offers can be found on www.madinmaroc.fr.


All important information can be found on this flyer

Motivate your friends and acquaintances now:

Why become a member of a hiking club in the New Year?

in harmony with your personal work-life balance?

Hiking in a club - step by step to new friendships!

Hiking undoubtedly helps maintain physical health. Hiking is a gentle but effective form of exercise that trains the entire body and improves physical fitness.

Download the flyer right here, which can be easily printed out as a brochure, and motivate friends and acquaintances to go hiking as a club!

We as IVV-Europe work closely with the International People's Sports Association IVV, coordinate work, analyzes and projects, coordinate and, if necessary, bring together what belongs together.

As IVV-Europe we see our role as communicator and initiator of best practice methods. By collecting and imparting information, knowledge and experience, we want to create added value - we want to combine innovation and continuity. It is important to adapt to the needs of modern times and still ensure the continuation of the current processes.

Read here our Vision

Next events:

7. IVV Europiade 2024 - 29.05.2024 - 01.06.2024 - Waidring (AUT)

21. Wander WM 2024 - 19.09.2024 - 21.09.2024 - Filzmoos (AUT)

19. IVV Olympiade 2025 - 14.08.2025 - 17.08.2025 - Tampere (FIN)

8. IVV Europiade 2026 - 10.06.2026 - 13.06.2026 - Worriken (BEL)

As well as being an enjoyable activity, walking is a great way to enjoy the festive season in harmony with your health. Walking is indeed a great way to stay active during the festive season and offset the calories burned from festive food and sweets.... (read more here)


Save time, effort and money with IVV-EUROPE ... Get to know the country and its people and enjoy the IVV community !

Together with our partner, P.T.A. TOURS, we would like to offer you to fly together to Canberra for the IVV Congress of Delegates in March 2024. Due to the long distance it is a good idea to get to know the country and its people as well.

You will find more information in the flyer here.

IVV-Europe is extremely pleased to announce that our partnership with CIMALP is entering the next round! After a successful first collaboration in 2023, the FELIX-CUP sponsorship has been extended.

This extension not only means that CIMALP will continue to offer high-quality outdoor products at IVV-Europe-reduced prices, but also that the FELIX-CUP will continue to be supported.

We would like to thank CIMALP for their continued cooperation and look forward to continuing our mutual success story.

To celebrate the partnership, CIMALP is even offering an increase in the discount, which now stands at 15% and can be cumulated with the code IVV15 on all orders, even in addition to the special offers already running.


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