2023 IVV Olympiad: San Antonio, Texas, USA

19. - 23. February 2023

and IML Walking Festival 24. - 26. February

With P.T.A. Tours to the

18th IVV Olympiad Texas!

Information is
available here



Tampere is a large city in southwestern Finland. With 241,009 inhabitants, Tampere is the largest city in the Pirkanmaa region and the third largest city in the country (after Espoo, which is part of the Helsinki agglomeration). Because of its versatile industry it is often called "Manchester of the North" (Finnish nickname: Manse).

The population of the Tampere metropolitan area is 330,711 (as of December 31, 2016).

Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic countries.

IVV Olympiads

The IVV Olympiad is held every second year in the country of an IVV member. It is a celebration of Volkssports and everyone is invited to participate. Olympiad Volkssport events include walking, swimming, biking, and sometimes other non-competitive sports. Social and cultural activities promote harmony, mutual understanding, and friendships among those who attend.


Details you will find direct on the Website of the IVV -> IVV Olympiads