IVV-Europa is pleased to announce that, after constructive and friendly and enriching discussions, a partnership agreement has been signed with the European Hiking Association EWF (ERA: European Ramblers Association, FERP: Fédération Européenne de la Randonnéee Pédestre), an umbrella organization of 65 clubs 30 European countries, with over 3 million members, could be signed. 


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Hiking with the IVV-Europa and the ERA on the European long-distance hiking trail E3

To encourage participation in Volkssport activities in Europe, IVV-Europe is inviting associations and clubs to organise a hike on a section of the European Long Distance Trail E3 in 2024. To further support this project, IVV-Europa is offering "certificates" as an incentive for participants. These certificates, which have been approved by the European Ramblers' Association (ERA), will be made available free of charge in electronic form, with the option of receiving printed copies for a small fee. The project provides an excellent opportunity to promote a stronger sense of European togetherness through community activities, while improving both cultural diversity and individual health.

Hikes on a section of the European long-distance hiking trail E3:


Our Czech IVV friends from Duchcov in the Ore Mountains, near the German border, offer hiking "at its finest" from 22.8 to 25.8.2024. With a variety of hiking routes and many opportunities to get to know the country and its people, culinary delights and culture, this is an event not to be missed! In addition, every hiker will be rewarded with an IVV-Europe "E3" certificate!


European long-distance hiking trail E3:

Hattersdorf - Hranice CZ (approx. 252 km)

GTW Marathon hikes 2024

Hiking friends TSV Küps

(August/September/October 2024)

As part of its first pan-European IVV-Europe-project, the Luxembourg Walking Federation is delighted to offer a hike on the picturesque E3 European long-distance hiking trail for the first time.

Under the motto "Inspired by nature, motivated by the challenge", the FLMP invites you to take part in an unforgettable marathon and, for the first time, half-marathon hike between Schengen, the symbol of a borderless Europe, and Grevenmacher.

Experience the impressive landscape, enjoy the company and look forward to the challenge of the hike. Every step will be a special experience where you can enjoy nature to the full.

Join us on 14 September 2024 and take part in this special event as part of the European Week of Sport. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

Who is the partner, the European Hiking Association ERA - EWF -FERP?

The European Hiking Association is committed to promoting hiking,

the creation of hiking trails, the exchange of know-how about the

across borders and ensuring the right of free access to nature for hikers. Through this type of work, she takes care of the protection and development of the European cultural heritage and the strengthening of mutual understanding between European citizens.


Above all, it certifies the European Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe and looks after the European long-distance hiking trails.


What are Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe?

Trails awarded with the “Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe” quality seal guarantee high-quality hiking trails throughout Europe with varied routing, user-friendly markings and exciting destinations along the way. On LQT path formats, hikers will mainly find natural paths, safe path markings and signage, plenty of natural experience points, cultural sights, service and supplies.


You can find more information about the European long-distance hiking trails here on the ERA website.


Embark on an epic journey of discovery across Europe with the European Ramblers Association Verified E-paths!

These long-distance hiking trails offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience the continent's diverse landscapes, cultures and history up close.


Each E-Path spans 75,000 kilometers and connects multiple regions, giving you endless opportunities for adventure and exploration to choose from. From the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean, from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, these iconic hiking trails traverse mountains and valleys, forests and meadows, coastlines and cities, revealing Europe's natural beauty and rich heritage.