���� Walk new ways with IVV-Europe !

Get to know Europe's artist trail in 2023.

Walk a part of the way with Nirgül Kantar-Dreesbeimdieke and her artist friends, on a journey that starts in April in Borgholzhausen (D) and leads on 27 stages and 1.300 km through the Benelux countries. The goal is 2023 Schengen, which is to be reached on June 14. During the walk, Europe's artists will be offered a platform, be it on the occasion of exhibitions in the stopover towns, by actively accompanying the route and resting at stopovers. Let us discover art in its various forms of expression, every day in new ways. Let's relax our mind and our bodies, let's banish our everyday worries while walking, let's give ourselves to inspiring encounters. More information will follow regularly !


More Information on Facebook => facebook.com/europaskuenstlerweg/