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Against the background of understandable Corona relaxations, it is important as association to prepare for the time after, to prepare a way to normality.
Let us be aware that associations are "health places", social stations, a foundation of our society. However, many associations suffer in a lot of wys. In addition to the decline in membership, there are many inactive members, as well as a lack of new members. The trend towards individualization has been further encouraged by Corona.

It is important to start planning now, to prepare for a time in which things will become more fast-paced and normal again.

Let's start the new aera with a highlight for our members, let's reward them for their patience, let's honor them for their membership, their solidarity and loyalty.

Let's present the associations, our associations, as a community, as a place of integration and inclusion.

IVV-Europe invites all affiliated national federations and associations for the first time to a


This day should, from now, 2022, be offered regularly throughout Europe and honor all volunteers.

On this day, the association should invite to a social gathering, offer a day of meeting in the association, offer a
social, cultural or culinary activity for all their members. The community created in this way serves as a mindfulness and creates incentives to join an association.

The day should be free to choose, each association should choose the best day for itself. As an encouragement
and as a „Thank you“, each participating association will be awarded with a certificate issued by IVV-Europe !

Promote your association, publish the event on your homepage, on your Facebook page, in the local press.  Present on this day certificate/medal/patch to long-time members, deserving hikers, to the participants of the from now on annual yearly KM-Challenge.

Send us pictures, a report, we will be happy to post them.

  • Let's show that our associations live !
  • Let's live the European idea !
  • Let's live IVV-Europe !
  • Let's live IVV hiking - let's live our IVV associations !
  • Let's have courage to offer again more traditional IVV hikes !

Please use the logo provided by IVV-Europe free of charge. The associated certificate will be sent to the interested national federations and associations, on request personalized, for printing.