** We want to know **

For us it is interesting how our hikers think and what they think of certain things.

So we would like to start with a survey that will certainly be of interest to all of us.

More surveys can follow 😊

Awards and commemorations of Olympiad and Europiade etc.

Medal, patch, certificate, sticker, backpack, t-shirt or something completely different....

Among the participants in the Olympiad and/or Europiade (or other events) there are sometimes discussions about the awards and memories of the current event.

Some prefer medals, others patches, others a sticker is enough, while some would welcome a t-shirt...


So it would certainly be interesting for future organizers to know whether they are on the right track with their gift of memory (or no gift of memory).

We would therefore be delighted if you would take part in the survey below without obligation!


Of course, this survey is anonymous, not really representative and is only used for informational purposes. But the evaluation will certainly be interesting...